CFD 2017 is purposed to locate and report the hate-filled Twitter postings of White supremacist Security Threat Groups (STGs). The official Twitter feeds for the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazi) are the focus.
Followers who support those feeds will also be addressed.

SATURDAY 8/20/17 



​When new users open a Twitter account they are required to confirm that they will obey Twitter's Terms Of Use (TOU) rules. Hate speech or sensitive images (i.e. swastikas) are considered inappropriate and in violation of those TOU rules.
When other users such as yourself report/flag that content,Twitter reviews the data. If warranted,Twitter will remove the content and also warn the account holder about the possible consequences of future offenses. Further non-compliance can result in suspension or termination of the offender's account.
Reporting a user to Twitter is anonymous.


SAT 8/20/17

This is an all-day event. Whether you give 2 minutes or 2 hours, you will help us make a difference.

If participating in the event, be mindful of who can see what you are doing. Non-participants could be offended by the content. No minors should participate in this event.  Cyber Flag Day, Make America Safer Today and their partners are not affiliated with Twitter Corporation. Twitter Corporation has not endorsed this event.


Neo-Nazis and other White supremacists are cowards. They're afraid of anyone different from themselves and the population growth of minorities petrifies them. Their solution is recruitment, propaganda and violence. They feel emboldened by our White House.

It's so very important to send them a collective message that their vile and repugnant social media is unwelcomed in a civilized world. We owe it to the World's Greatest Generation, other and to future generations to resist evil.