Twitter will send you their decision within 24-48 hours. Remember, your report is anonymous. 

9) You'll get a confirmation, but click Done at the top right of page. There have been times where reports have not been fully submitted because of the Done button not being clicked. 

​This page and initiative will expose you to racist content from White supremacists. This initiative is not for minors.

Cyber Flag Day, Make America Safer Today and their affiliates are not affiliated with Twitter corporation. Twitter has not endorsed this event.


1)  Sign-in to your Twitter account.

2)  Locate White supremacist accounts by using the keywords, hashtags and symbols at the bottom of this page.

3)  Within those feeds, locate the tweets and/or photos that contain hate speech and/or calls for violence.  

4) Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the post.

8) You'll be asked to check-off which posts you wish to report. You can report up to 5 posts. Click Add at the bottom of that page. If there were more than five reportable posts, report the first 5 then repeat steps 4-8.

5) Click the Report Tweet option at the bottom.

There may be times where Twitter notifies you that they do not agree that your report is warranted.  There is no penalty to you for the original report. The problem account holder will never know you were involved in any reporting.

Tips for locating White supremacist Security Threat Group (STG) Twitter feeds.

This is a very brief glossary of keywords/hashtags you can search for on Twitter. However, Once you find an account you can click to see their followers. From there, you can continue to reveal each of those account's Followers. Doing so will provide more than enough source material for this initiative. 

1488 or #1488
Meaning- 14 refers to the fourteen words embraced by Neo Nazis, skinheads and Klansmen.
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children"
88 refers to Adolph Hitler. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet x2= "Heil Hitler"

Meaning- In Nazism, A term to describe Germanic peoples as being the master race.

National Socialist  or  National Socialist Movement
Meaning- The principles & practices of the Nazi party in Germany.

Meaning- Racial Holy War 

Meaning-  K.K.K. speak for 'Strangers are near. Be on Guard'

Meaning- Title of a conspiracy theory in which a secret Jewish cabal runs America.

Many of the problem accounts are easy to spot by their profile photo/logo/icon. Some examples of Ku Klux Klan and 
Neo-Nazi symbolism are shown below. We encourage you to primarily work on the accounts that bear such images.
The strategy is that extremists who use such photos/logos/icons are more dedicated to spreading their hateful ideology. 

Examples of images used in Neo-Nazi and K.K.K. Security Threat Group Twitter profile photos: 

7) Select the best report reason.

6) Click the It's abusive or harmful tab.